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飞利浦智能咖啡厅 PH COFFEE

—— 意式咖啡氛围现代诠释  |  A modern interpretation of Italian coffee atmosphere


In a context distinguished by Italian coffee, GB Space applies Italian renaissance elements to the space and incorporates modern materials and textures therein, perfectly combining with the modern times while keeping the romantic charm of Renaissance. 



From electronics to coffee, from tradition to technology, from west to east, as one of the largest electronic brands in the world, PHILIPS, through such a carrier as traditional Italian coffee, integrates its own technological advantages and cooperates with GB Space in building the first cross-industry intelligent coffee shop in China. The challenge of this project is how to enhance the public’s recognition on the new brand image through interior design. 



PH COFFEE is located at Beijing Financial Street, a gathering place of numerous financial institutes and enterprise headquarters, covering consumer groups varying from white collars to students. The 170 m2 space mainly consists of the front desk area, exhibition area and private area. 


“飞利浦咖啡是纯正的意式咖啡,我们从意大利联想到很多具有代表性的古罗马建筑。”从意式咖啡中汲取灵感,设计方GB SPACE以古罗马建筑的拱形元素作为项目设计的起始,希望通过线条的还原,让客人在空间内感受到简欧洲的感觉。基于同一设计理念,金属格子天花则是简化的文艺复兴时期教堂的天花。这两种元素的选用无形中唤起了异国客人对意式文化的共鸣。

“PH COFFEE stands for pure Italian coffee. We associate Italy with many representative ancient Roman architectures.” Drawing inspiration from Italian coffee,GB Space starts from arch elements of ancient Roman architectures, and hope to make guests feel European fascination in the space through the restoration of lines. Based on the same design idea, metal lattice ceiling is the simplified ceiling of church during the Renaissance. The selection of these two elements indulges guests into Italian coffee atmosphere.