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—— 水境  |  THE WATER


If there is soul in nature, then a courtyard hidden in the mountains must be endowed with the mission of safeguarding peace by the earth.



The courtyard leans on the foot of the mountain. When you looks at the distance, the mountain, which is gradually blurred with the water vapor in the evening, is like a shy dragon covered by clouds. Sitting in the courtyard,killing the time with a wonderful green tea, the  spirit released into the boundless field in that moment. 




Keeping the moment forever.



Nature slightly overturned her palette, just spilled it into a small yard, just in time for you. Sleep in the soft and soothing colors like a dream, light a wisp of smoke, time floats upward in the sun, and the noise of the city gradually disappears.



In the space design, we use the most simple way of decoration, with white as the bottom, and several gray-scale suitable colors to decorate, although in the warm sun, it also appears not to jump off, it seems like a  shy and lovely children, gentle the time.



In the selection of outdoor materials, we use some common natural stones. Stone is originally a hard thing. However, under the suitable color, in the warmly sunshine, it can also become the habitat to cure the tired soul. Compared with the modern synthetic materials, we hope that the simple stone can shorten the distance between people and space.



In the courtyard, under the eaves, a pool of clear spring lies among the yard. When the say the farewell to sunshine, winter is coming. Heavy snowing covers the world with silence. Warm current is infiltrating around tired body, with the accompanied by family. The shadow of the mountain gradually melts into the night, and the boundary of the world is blurred. Drinking a warmly tea,  spirit released into the boundless field in that moment again.