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炫嘉国际文化传播有限公司 X_PLUS

—— 生动的迷你城市  |  VIVID MINI CITY


The key of the design is to create the best function full of vitality of the highlights, emphasizing the people live in harmony with pleasant experiences, we tried to break through the interior boundaries, using block elements and texture to create a vivid picture of the block.



The office space of X-PLUS located in LVSEN Times Square, a total area of about 1800 square meters, has a very obvious division of functional areas, from the office area into a mini block, lively and interesting, rich functions.Regarding to the material we use wood color to make the space more cordial and warm, so that a large scale space can be treated as a warm home, we try different colors and  materials collocation, to create a young and creative atmosphere.