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星牌共享际 5L MEET


地点: 北京市大兴区兴业大街三段  |  Site Location:  Beijing, China

设计公司: GB SPACE 高白空间设计事务所  |  Design Firm:  GB SPACE

设计师: 高文毓、白杨、张婧、廖青  |  Designer:  Gao Wenyu, Bai Yang, Zhang Jing,Liao Qing

星牌.共享际位于大兴区兴业大街三段,临近黄村火车站附近。项目规模约 8600 平米,整体建筑共 六层,包含了地上五层与地下一层,改造前为一处空置的社区配套商业。“共享”是这个时代孕育出 的具有代表性的一个关键词,从 co-working 到 co-living,慢慢成为一种最新的生活方式的倡导,新 的生活方式带来的强大能量已经冲破了传统的商业模式。此次项目是针对陈旧的社区配套商业的改 造,通过改造将空间打造成为集办公、公寓、商业等业态于一体一站式 CO-LIVING 共享生活社区, 创造更丰富的共享生活体验场景。

5Lmeet is located in the third section of Xingye Street, Daxing District, near Huangcun Railway Station. The area is 8600m2 , and the whole building consists of six floors, with five floors aboveground and one floor underground. It was a vacant community supporting commercial before the renovation. “Sharing” is a representative keyword that was born in this era. From the concept of co-working to co-living, it gradually becomes an advocate of the latest lifestyle. The powerful energy brought by the new lifestyle has broken through the traditional business model. The project is designed to transform the old community supporting commercial into one-stop co-living community, which is a combination of business formats include office, apartment and commercial to create a richer shared life experience scene.


在此次项目的设计过程中,设计师以 co-living 的生活方式为灵感打造了一个新的语汇——“共享站 COMMUNION STATION”,尝试在两种功能空间的交界处设置一种新的混搭空间, 这个空间在功 能上可以同时满足两个主功能区所需要的服务社交功能;在空间上成为整体设计上的重点;同时又 解决了空间效率的问题。

Regarding the design concept of this project, designers are inspired by the shared lifestyle and create a new vocabulary-“ communion station.”They attempt to set up a new complex space at the junction of the two functional spaces, and this space can simultaneously satisfy the social functions of the services required by the two main functional areas. The new space not only becomes the focus of the design, but gives the solution of space efficiency.


共享站以独立空间呈现,在每一层将办公、公寓、商业等业态的交界处做了富于弹性的设计处理, 地下一层和一层局部打通,打造了一个综合性活动空间,满足路演、讲座、及各种社会活动场地使 用功能,是一个灵活的公共性活动空间。三层的共享站具有接待水吧以及小影院的附加功能区域, 四层的共享站具有超市以及中式厨房的附加功能区域,五层的共享站具有健身房洗衣房以及厨房的 附加功能区域。共享站使空间的功能性更加丰富,不同区域里的人可以有更多机会交流互动,真正 体会到共享的乐趣 。

The communion station is presented in an independent space. The designers utilize the flexible design at the junction of office, apartment and business at each level. The spaces of the ground floor and the first floor are connected to create a flexible public event space that meets the functions of roadshows, lectures, and various social events.The third floor includes reception area, bar area and small theater. The fourth floor includes supermarket and Chinese kitchen, and the fifth floor includes gym, laundry and kitchen. The design of the communion station makes the space level more diverse and functional, and more importantly, it provides more opportunities for people to exchange and interact with each other and thus experience the enjoyment of sharing lifestyle.


空间中的设计语言以彩色的线性元素贯穿始终,满足功能性的同时达到视觉统一的效果。简化设计 使整个空间仿佛形成一个白色画布,再配以明快的彩色线条,从隔断到墙面图案,如同跳动的音符跃然纸上,增强了空间的立体感和活力氛围,元素的重复使用打造了具有记忆点和活力氛围的共享空 间环境。

The design language uses color linear elements throughout the space to satisfy the functionality as well as achieving a uniform visual effect. The space has been simplified designed as a white canvas. From partitions to wall patterns, these bright colored lines are like beating notes on the paper, enhancing the three-dimensional visual effect and vibrant atmosphere of the space. The design elements are used repeatedly to create a unique co-living space environment with vivid memory.



Co-working space:

From the third to the fifth floors, there  are different areas of co-working space to meet different workstation needs and basic office needs.


会议室位于每层联合办公空间中,满足不同规模会议需求。卫生间: 卫生间使用颜色区分了男卫女卫,明快的色调装点空间和整体空间设计风格和谐统一。 三层共享站,具有接待水吧以及小影院的附加功能区域: 四层共享站,具有超市以及中式厨房的附加功能区域: 五层共享站:具有健身房洗衣房以及厨房的附加功能区域:

The conference room is located on each floor of the co-working space to meet the needs of different conferences scale. The communion station on third floor includes reception area, bar area and small theater. The communion station on fourth floor includes supermarket and Chinese kitchen. The communion station on fifth floor includes gym, laundry and kitchen.


公寓:  生活中每个人的居所都有着特别之处,从空间颜色到配饰细节,无不反映出居住者的喜好、经历及 生活态度。设计师认为,在有限的空间内突出房间的性格以及人性化的设计是打造共享居住空间的 重点,此次公寓的设计概念打造了电影及名画两种主题,共设置了两种户型(不包括因建筑结构造 成的特殊户型),并有六种配色,分别提取了来自不同电影及名画里的颜色来搭配空间,为空间赋 予了六种性格,使空间更具个性化和辨识度,也为居住者提供了更人性化的选择范围。

Toliet: Different colors are used to distinguish male and female restrooms. The bright colors decorate the space and harmonize well with the design style of the overall space.

Apartment: There always have something special in everyone’s residence. It can reflect resident’s preferences, experiences and attitudes from color of the space to the detail of the accessories. Therefore, designers believe highlighting the character of the room and applying humanized design in a limited space is the key to creating a co-living space in this project.

For the design concept of the apartment, designers created two themes-films and famous paintings, and designed two main types of layout for the rooms( excluding those special layouts formed due to the special structure of the building).

There are six color schemes to match the space, which are drawn from different films and paintings. By giving the space six characteristics, the color schemes make the apartment more personalized and recognized, and also provide more choices for the occupants.